Joleen Oh - Cleve Phillips
The Kudzu Factory was formed in 2008 and has since grown into a well-known
source for Kudzu Artifacts, Chairs, Tables, Baskets, Wall Deco, Christmas
Decorations, Place mats, Greeting Cards and more. All of their pieces are
hand cut, assembled by using methods passed on through generations. Joleen
Oh, a Native Cherokee American acquired the art or coiling at age nine from
her mother, Nancy Basket ( Nancy taught her daughter the
craft while Joleen was recovering from a life threatening go-kart accident.
Joleen says she followed her mother’s voice back to life from a coma while her
mother sang to her. Joleen has now been working with Kudzu for more than 20
years and has helped to pass the art of coiling down to her son. Joleen is also
a talented Pine Needle artist and teaches both Kudzu and Pine Needle making
classes to help assure that the craft lives on. Joleen’s husband, Cleve better
known as King Kudzu, has taken the art of free form basket weaving to a whole
new level of basketry and woven art. King Kudzu creates Celebration Trees,
Canoes, Angels Wall-panels and more using Kudzu and Bamboo stalks as he
creates. King Kudzu and Mother Vine have transformed their talents for this
Native American art into an ever growing, successful artisan business and
basket school. Through classes and lectures they share this Native Cherokee
American art with all those interested in learning.

Contact Information: King Kudzu and Mother Vine
phone: 864-324-3840

Location: 3001 hwy 441
Mountain City, GA 30562
Nancy Basket