Jane and Pearce Adams
KnitPics is a partnership between fiber and images.

Filled with the creative efforts of the husband and wife team of Jane and Pearce
Adams, KnitPics offers felted hats, scarves, capelets, more along with framed images
from northeast Georgia, western North Carolina, Upstate South Carolina and the
Smoky Mountains.

For years, Jane Adams used her fingers to express her creativity on a piano's
keyboard. Now, her fingers play to a different rhythm as they knit, crochet and felt.
When Pearce Adams feels the desire for creativity, he opens his eyes. His lens
captures the rest
.As owner of, Pearce is ready to share his best
images, either online or in person.

We invite you to enjoy some of the fruits of their labors on weekends in Mountain
City, Ga.

Visit our booth at the Promenade of the Arts where you can view images of
waterfalls, mountains, more while choosing from a selection of handmade items for
that special lady.

KnitPics: It's special to us. We hope it will be a special place for you.
Pearce Adams
Jane Adams